Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hey guys! How are you doing? I hope you're enjoying the Challenge so far!

So, if you recall, when we started talking about the Challenge, we promised lots of fun stuff! And that stuff is coming, I promise! We've got trivia, quizzes, polls and games coming your way!! You may have noticed a new tab at the top of the screen "FUN STUFF". There's nothing in there now, but keep checking back because it's going to be AWESOME!!

Plus, since Month Two is underway, you can now link your reviews for Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports and The Final Warning! Scroll down below the post (you'll have to go to the homepage if you're looking at this post individually!) and you'll see the APRIL DISCUSSION post and the LINK YOUR MONTH TWO REVIEWS post. Feel free to comment on the discussion post, but please don't post anything that spoils books 5-7! Books 1-4, however, are fair game so avoid the discussions if you haven't read them!!

Keep checking back here often, and HAPPY READING!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Link Your Month 2 Reviews!

Hey again, everybody! How are we doing this month? Has anyone started reading yet? (It's totally okay if you haven't, not only is the schedule very loose, I'm actually posting this month's post on time--ha!)

This is the place where you can link back to your reviews for the books scheduled for this month.

Some important things to remember:

-This is the Link Post for Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports and The Final Warning. While it's totally okay if you've already read past those, PLEASE wait to link your reviews for those books until the proper month. I repeat: This post is for Saving the World and Final Warning ONLY. (If you still need to link your Angel Experiment and School's Out reviews, please do so HERE)

-You don't need to post a review to be part of the Challenge, though it is a big part of the fun! The only thing you have to do is read some of the books, because that's what this Challenge is about. If you don't have a blog, Goodreads account, or other forum with which to post your review or thoughts, PLEASE do not leave your review in the comments. Instead, you can email it to me at and I'll be more than happy to post it here for you! Just send me an email with the Subject line something like, "My MRRC review for Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports"

-Anons are more than welcome in this Challenge! We understand that not everyone has an account that's compatible with a blog like this, or would simply prefer to remain anonymous. We ask, however, that when you leave an anonymous comment you sign off with a name, nickname, or username, so that we can tell any Anons apart. (For example, end a comment with "~Alex" or "~Snickerdoodle351")

-In your reviews and comments, please be careful to mark Spoilers! We don't want to ruin the books for others! In discussions, please don't post ANY spoilers in the non-spoiler chats; For example, don't give away any MAX spoilers in a The Final Warning discussion, EVEN if you mark them with a spoiler tag. Please just wait until the MAX, FANG, or ANGEL discussion, or an all-spoilers discussion.

-I think that's everything, so, without further ado, you can link your reviews for Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports and The Final Warning below!

Because of the issues with the Linky lists (detailed on the SIGN UP NOW page), I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave the link to your review in the comments. Once you have, I'll be glad to add it into the post so others can see it. Thank you so much for bearing with us!!

Happy Reading to you all!

(:D) ~Mag


Mag's review of Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports


Sunday, April 1, 2012

March MRRC Discussion Post!

All right guys, THIS is the place where you can post and discuss your current progress/opinions/ideas of THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT and SCHOOL'S OUT--FOREVER. This is the area to post your feelings on the characters, plot development, pacing, dialogue, writing style--anything, really, that has to do with either of the two books.

Some rules to consider before commenting, however:

1) You MAY NOT discuss any of the other books here.
2) You MAY NOT post the full summary of either of the books. However, be warned: there will be possible spoilers about in the discussions.
3) Please be kind and courteous to all of the discussion members and comments :]

Three very simple rules to follow for this reading challenge to work out for everyone!

- Ella