Friday, February 24, 2012

Mini Post: The MANGA Version.

Everyone excited? You should be because the Max Ride Reading Challenge is about to start in just six days. Six days! There is still time to obtain a copy of The Angel Experiment and do all the other prepping for the challenge, but remember that the book is several hundred pages long and might take some time to read (even though, I assure you, the book itself is very fast paced).

In the month of March, there will be two books to read and discuss for the challenge: The Angel Experiment and School's Out--Forever (the entire schedule can be found by clicking on THE DETAILS tab on the top of the page). If you're not like me and you can read several books at the same time and manage to get through all of them, then go right ahead and do what you need to do. But if you ARE like me and can be a pretty slow reader--or you have just been extremely busy lately--I wish you and myself good luck.

Now moving on to the good stuff.

As an added bonus (AKA for the pure fun of it), you can read and discuss the manga books of the Maximum Ride series as well. There won't be a set schedule for these books and it's completely optional, but there will still be a discussion post set up for them. Read them as quickly or as slowly as you want, as long as you read them before the end of the challenge.

That's it, basically!

- Ella

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome, Welcome!

Hey guys! First off, welcome to the Max Ride Reading Challenge blog! We're currently two weeks from the start of the challenge, so remember: advertise advertise advertise, and be thinking about ways to get The Angel Experiment in your hands!

Among other things...hello there! I'm Ella from Musings in Ink. I'm the Other Host of this lovely little challenge, and I welcome everyone here. Remember to follow this blog to sign up for the challenge and grab one of the many buttons we have :]

Hm...what else? Musings in Ink is actually a little writing blog I run, in which I post about my WIP progress, book reviews, writing advice, and a bunch more "awesome sauce". I actually have not read all of the current Maximum Ride books yet; I'm missing ANGEL, which, I know, is very sad. Mag, however, has read every single one so if anyone ever has this random moment to talk about ANGEL with one of us--before the Month of Reading ANGEL--talk about it with Mag (yes, Mag, I'm pushing the burden onto you :D).

If anyone wants to contact me about the contest or for whatever other reason, my email is writingella(@)hotmail(dot)com.

That's it to this mini-intro post, I suppose. And remember: just two more weeks guys!

- Ella

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Maximum Ride Reading Challenge

Hey everybody! I'm Mag from Geek Chic, and I'm one of the two hosts of the Max Ride Reading Challenge. This is going to be SUPER AWESOME, you guys, for real.

This Challenge is about fun and enjoying the books, so it's really easy to be a part of. You can be reading these books for the first time, or rereading them for the second or fifth or seventeenth time. It doesn't matter :). Also, you don't have to read ALL the books if you don't want to, or follow the schedule. It's all about reading the books, enjoying the books, and talking about the books. Basically, think of the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge being hosted by Fiktshun

You also don't have to review the books, but you can if you want to! Once you've posted it (whether on your blog, Goodreads, Facebook, or wherever) you can link to it here on this blog so other people can see it. If you don't have a place to post your review, you can send it to me at and I'll post it here for you. 

Also, throughout the challenge, Ella and I will be posting fun games, quizzes, polls, and discussions, so check back every once in a while for those!

The Challenge will start on March 1st and run through August--and the release of Nevermore, the final Maximum Ride novel. The entire schedule can be seen below:

March: The Angel Experiment/School's Out--Forever

April: Saving the world and Other Extreme Sports/The Final Warning

May: MAX

June: FANG