Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April MRRC Discussion Post!

All right, so the March discussion post didn't exactly go as well as we thought it would (0 comments), so this month we're going to initiate the comments and discussion and, you know, you guys should all comment! And discuss! And share your opinions! Honestly, this reading challenge is much more fun when people participate. Participation is key.

But without further ado, let me introduce you April's discussion post! This post is for the books Saving the World--And Other Extreme Sports and The Final Warning. The rules are still the same:

1) You MAY NOT discuss any of the other books here.
2) You MAY NOT post the full summary of either of the books. However, be warned: there will be possible spoilers about in the discussions (if people participate!)
3) Please be kind and courteous to all of the discussion members and comments :]

This month we will also be hosting the quizzes and trivia as promised. So stay tuned for that as well...and keep on reading!

- Ella

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